Mid back pain & slight shoulder dislocation Mid back pain & slight shoulder dislocation

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Thread: Mid back pain & slight shoulder dislocation

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    Default Mid back pain & slight shoulder dislocation

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    Hey everybody, hoping everyone is doing well.
    ill start with the shoulder because it happend first,
    at my last home workout before the gym opened back up, when warming up on pullups i felt my left shoulder dislocating just a bit.
    this shoulder was always a bad one and it have always felt that it was moving in the shoulder socket a tiny bit.
    when doing it happend, i was at the bottom of the pullup with my arms straight and i instantly felt a sharp pain, but not too crzy.
    after that i got back to the gym and since then it hasnt improved but also didnt get any worse.
    the most i feel it is when warming up for squats and press, especially at the first empty bar sets but when i get to my work weight i dont feel it anymore.
    with the other excersises im good, so basically no pain.
    but, i still feel the pain if for example ill hang a bit on a pullup bar just to reax my spine for bit, and i fill my shoulder moving in the socket when i shake my arm.

    now for the back pain,
    a few months back before the gym closed i tweaked my mid back causing pain whenever i flex and stretch my back (at the thoracic spine), the pain was only at the movement, never at a stationary state, and it was also felt when i would get up from bed at the mornings after sleeping.
    back then i remember that after workouts it felt better, and that workout by wourkout it would get slightly better every time.
    when the gym was closed i only felt it slightly a few times but other then that i was good.
    when the gym opened i did the mistake of going too heavy (because i stupid) and i think it may triggered it altough i havent felt anything at the time.
    but now i feel that after every workout it just get worse, to the point ive had some morning that getting up from bed left me choked.

    i will note, that just like the shoulder, i have 0 pain when performing the excersises, with the only one exception on the press if i lose a bit of thightness, but that rarely happend so far.
    but, i will feel the pain after some of the excersises - when getting up from bench, when getting up after setting down the last deadlift and same with the powerclean.

    at the same time i upload this post i also wrote a post at the technique thread to get checked.
    also worth mentioning, altough it is the opposite from optimal i am cutting a bit of weight right now, reason being i want to finish what ive started at the lockdown time, and also before the layoff i wanted to buy a belt and because everything that happend i havent still, now that im back i want to get as far as i can while stilling accomplishing my fat loss goal, and when i can no longer get stronger, ive got another goal to start running that i set for myself (long story short, i was a combat solider 2 years ago when i got injured and struggled running since), at that time i will also order a belt that will probably take 2-3 months to get to me, which will leave me just the right amount of time i want to improve my running and finishing losing weight, the when the belt will arrive it will be the time for me to get strong again.
    i am losing weight at a slow pace for that reason.

    anyhow, happy being back at the gym, hoping you will be able to help me get even better.

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    Hey Dror,

    It looks like you have a few different things going on here. The forum is not going to be the best medium to address your concerns. You can contact either Will or me for consultation via our information in the sticky.

    Also, in the future be more careful with your typing. After you write up your post just give it a quick read through for things like grammar and punctuation. No one cares when you miss a comma but your post was rather long and difficult to read.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick D'Agostino View Post
    Hey Dror,

    It looks like you have a few different things going on here. The forum is not going to be the best medium to address your concerns. You can contact either Will or me for consultation via our information in the sticky.

    Also, in the future be more careful with your typing. After you write up your post just give it a quick read through for things like grammar and punctuation. No one cares when you miss a comma but your post was rather long and difficult to read.

    Good luck!
    Hey nick, sorry for the post, it was the middle of the night and I still had more homeworkís to finish, my bad, next time Iíll find better time.

    If itís okay, Iíll try to describe my pain better because it was you who helped me here on the forum to figure out that it was a back tweak last time, and your tips helped a lot dealing with it back then.
    Also, as much as Iíd love to purchase consultation with you more then ever, because of the whole lockdown problem (and some other personal stuff as well) I can barely afford training right now, thatís also why Iím just happy to be able to train at a gym with some decent equipment at the moment.
    Iíll understand if you canít help though.

    Anyhow, the pain feels like 2 vertebrates are sliding on each other, which leaves my almost ďparalyzedĒ for a few seconds.
    Obviously of course Iím not paralyzed but when this pain occurs body immediately freeze up and my stomach brace hard for a few seconds where every movement has of the back hurts and then in a matter of 3-5 seconds relieve gradually to no pain at all.

    The pain happens mostly at some specific moments:
    - at the morning getting out of bed, and also at night after laying for some hours (for example when I do my homework into the late night).
    - when standing back up after deadlift (during the exercise Iím 100% painless, only when standing after I finish)
    - rarely, but sometimes when doing power cleans, mainly at the first few warmups and when I jump / land.
    - to times when getting up from a bench: first time is light when I move from lying to sitting, and the second more harsh time is when I stand up from sitting.
    - when doing pull-ups.

    The one common thing between all of those times is that the pain is causing from me pushing my chest in/out (or basically a movement from the thoracic spine) and that they mostly occur when my upper body / torso doesnít lean on something.

    As mentioned, training or at least the exercises themselves are 100% pain free.

    With my shoulder, the pain at training is mostly gone, getting in for a squat or locking the press doesnít hurt at all anymore, Other then that a feeling of the shoulder shaking in the shoulder socket when shaking my arm, and some slight pain when trying to reach with that hand behind my back like I used to be able (for some reason my left shoulder was Able to reach further behind my back, now theyíve got the same range of motion and that shoulder hurt a bit at the end of range).

    By the way if youíve got any tips on stiff neck, I woke up today and just felt the entirety of my neckís right side stiff like wood.

    Thanks again, even if you canít help, thanks for dedicating some of your time for me.

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    Quick update:
    Iím pretty sure itís the same back tweak I had back before the layoff, yesterday I did a few pull-ups just for fun and felt some pain from the movement of pushing my chest out, it was slight on the pull-ups themselves but got a lot worse when I dropped back down and stood straight, again same pain for a few seconds and then Iím good.
    I stopped after the second set because it felt like I was going to regret it if I continue, and i sure hell did, after I got home, ate and showered, I lay down in my bed for a few hours, and when I got up to pee i had some intense pain, the most pain so far, to the point that every little movement of me moving my torso in bed hurt so much that I was out of air immediately for a few seconds.
    I struggled getting up from my bed and after I finally did, it hurt for like 10 seconds that I couldnít breathe from pain, then it ďreleasedĒ And I was okay to go, did had some pain when moving around but only slight.

    I remembered back then that some air deadlifts helped to ease it a bit and so does this time.

    I tried a bit to figure out in what positions I feel the pain and found that I felt the most pain when I stood on my toes and let my body drop to my heels, this gave me a shock for a second or two of intense pain.

    It continued to the morning with barely any improvement so I woke up and immediately did some air deadlifts, that helped a lot with me starting my day, then I continued to help my mom with an errand, came back home, ate and cleaned my room.

    I mention all of this because what Iíve found that the more I move the pain goes away, to the point that by the time I went to the gym I was 99% pain free.

    The 1% of pain came from my deadlifts today, a bit when I pushed my straight up at the top, and like before the major pain came when I finished my warmups and stood up.

    The funny/weird thing Iíve found today on my workset, is that when I lowered the bar and immediately got up, I barely felt anything, but on my warmups when I stayed down for a few seconds (mainly because I was scared from the pain of getting up), the pain was intense.

    Anyways I drag this update too long, still happy to be able to train and more so with weights really close to my best before the lay-off, and again if you somehow can find a way to help or share a tip from your knowledge and experience Iíd be more then happy to hear it.

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    It looks like there is a lot to unpack here, and the story gets thicker and thicker with each lengthy post. This board is appropriate for some general education, general recommendations, and there might be a few instances where something particular to an individual may be answered here.


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