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Thread: Pinched nerve (I think)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dalan View Post
    Hey Nick, sorry to bother you again with this but I admit, I'm pretty concerned. So I'm still experiencing massive weakness in my tricep and some, but not to the same extent, in my lat. I have also noticed that my tricep is starting to atrophy. Anyway, as we discussed, I got an MRI yesterday and will review it on Monday (soonest appointment I could get.) My question is, I'm quite scared about the damage being permanent. How long can a muscle go with little nerve stimulation before there is irreparable damage? If you have any insight, I'd like to hear it and if you have good news I'd REALLY like to hear that! Thank you for your time and efforts.

    I went through similar and recovered.

    Shoulder bursitis therapy?

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    Thank you fellas. I appreciate your time and responses.

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