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    I have had a history of 2 (L) labrum repairs due to a dislocation from a seizure. That was several years ago. However, when I do squats my left shoulder has intense pain. After I rack the bar the pain sears and I have to hold my arm up. I just donít see how I can put a whole lot of load on it as it is a liability. Does this sound familiar where the pain hurts so much you have to hold your arm up after a set?

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    I would do high bar for the time being and start stretching using the horn stretch as you warm up and in between sets. The goal with the stretch is to accumulate time in a position that is similar to the ROM requirements in low bar. I would hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds. The intensity of the stretch just has to be mild (try not to make your arm debilitated with the stretch). If you don't see an increase in tolerance to the position in a few weeks stick with high bar as your primary squat. If you can not high bar use a safety squat bar as you implement this protocol.


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