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    Default Upper glute pain

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    After a workout I had some upper glute pain (Gludius Medius?). This got worse walked with difficulty for several days.


    About 5 weeks ago I set PR's for reps for Deads, squats, press and bench. Then Covid... I decide that 85% of current PR lifts was appropriate... history may judge harshly here. I began my come back recently. All was going well with 10 pound jumps on the dead, and 1 pound jumps on the squat. Then I began to approach PR's again.

    then this:
    6/20/2020 Saturday 3 day gap

    Press 42x5 95x5x3 with arc +1
    Squat 45x5x2 135x3 211x3x3 +1
    Dead 135x3 225x1 275x0 270x0 265x0,0 ** 3R-PR was 272.5 about 5 weeks ago **
    every attempt left the ground, typically above mid shin.

    After the dead lifts I noticed a pain very high on the left glute. Did not seem serious... famous last words.

    The next day I was hobbling with an electic flash pain from my upper left glute, which extended down to almost mid glute. Foam roller was employed with some effect but the pain while using the foam roller seemed to be about a push compared to the normal pain... only the foam roller got it over quicker.

    IBProphine as usual had little effect for me.

    then this my next "scheduled" workout.
    6/23/2020 Tuesday 3 day gap

    Been hobbling around with some sort of glue issue.

    Squat 45x5 95x3x3

    next workout:

    6/24/2020 Wednesday Still hobbling.

    Squat 45x3 95x3x3

    Hurt a lot, seemed to help but wore off quick.

    took a whirlpool. Helped some but pain back in an hour.

    Known problems:
    - have trouble keeping my knees wide enough on squats
    - appears I have moved my dead lift setup too far aft as I ended up too far forward

    I've read many threads about piriformis / upper glue injuries / rehab.

    Basically I'm confused... not sure what is wrong... wondering if I should "Star rehab", rest, just do squats or what???

    Maybe I overdid it on the dead-lifts.
    Maybe I was injured on the squats.

    I'm desperate enough to have called my old chiropractic.

    Any constructive comments welcome. It was seriously disillusioning to be approaching / attempting PR and have everything go south so quickly.

    When you're 66, it gets real fast.

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    Throw your foam roller away. All Iíve ever accomplished with one is to piss things off even more. I also donít think one should foam roll, massage, etc., at ALL on a fresh injury. Iím not a PT or doc, so itíll be interesting to hear what they say.


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