Some background and context:

Iím a 33 year old male, 5,4 height, and 170 lbs weight; Iíve been doing strength training for some years now, and before that I was mostly exercising(stupid shit with weights) and some swimming, and mountain biking; I was a very skinny and very weak person (at one time I weighed about 115 lbs); A few years back started weight training, but I did not do the program as I wasnít aware of starting strength at the time; last year I decided to be more serious about it, and started gaining weight, I went from 140 to 185(cut back down to 170) in about a yearís time; I did gain some strength, but not optimal, as I had some chronic back pain, and shoulder pain that kept me from PR-ing as often as I wished;

Anyways these are my current numbers:
Squat: 1x5x320
Bench: 1x5x220
Press: 5x1x136
Deadlfit: 1x5x320
Powerclean 5x3x158

And here is my current program:

- Press 5x1
- Bench 5x5
- Incline bench 2x5
- Chins 5x5
- Squat 1x5
- Powerclean 5x3
- Bench 1X5
- Press 5x3
- Dumbbell press 3x8
- Chins 5x5
- Squat 4x5
- Deadlift 1x5
- Rows/RDL's 3x5/3x9

Iíve started bulking up again about 2 months ago, the goal was to add 1 kg to my press and bench once every 2 weeks(one week on the press, the next on the bench) and 2,5 on my squat and deadlift; I would alternate on what lift to PR weekly(one upper body, one lower body per week, then switch);

Now, all was going well until I switched my grip on the squat; I was doing a very close grip(just outside shoulder with), with my thumbs around the bar, and my wrists slightly bend; also the bar position was somewhere between a low-bar and a high bar; this is what was comfortable to me on the squat; I know itís not ideal but it worked for me;
I wanted to try the thumbless grip, with more straight wrists, and the bar lower on my back because I always seemed to lose upper back tightness on heavy squats, and I though that this would fix that; it did fix that, as I seem to keep my upper back straighter that before, but my shoulder started to hurt a lot on the squat;

I said to myself that it would pass, that I wasnít use to this, and, in time it would get better; only it didnít ; the pain got worse, and it started to affect my press and my bench, too (now, remember, I had crappy shoulders before I started strength training, probably because of the swimming as I did a lot of volume)

Now last week I PR-ed on my bench, I did 1x5 with 220; and this week, on Monday I tried 136 on my singles for the press; I did 5x1, but I could feel it wasnít going to be good; the pain was bad, but being warmed up I didnít feel it that bad; I continued to do my 5x5 on the bench with 198, but with a close grip, as this was better on my shoulders; then I did my chins 5x5;

I felt the pain during the workout, but it was manageable; but after the workoutÖduring the day the pain started to hit me harder; its like a pulsating pain, on and off, sometimes like stabbing, it comes and goes; it hurts when I do simple stuff like drink from a cup, take of my shirt, brush my teeth, etc;
But the worst thing was I couldnít sleep that night because of the pain, because I couldnít keep a position for long before I needed to change it, so I couldnít fall asleep; normally I have bad sleep anyways, but this time I couldnít sleep almost at all;
The next day I had to squat and powerclean, I only squatted 286 for a set of 5, but with the bar higher on my back and with a narrow grip and thumbs around the bar, as I did before, and it was ok; instead of the powerclean I did rows 5x5 with 176; but on the rows I kind of felt some pain, but manageable;

ē So, about the pain, I feel it on my left shoulder, on the front, deep in the joint(I also feel it on my right but much less so)
ē Its like a pulsating pain, on and off, sometimes like stabbing, it comes and goes; it hurts when I do simple stuff like drink from a cup, take of my shirt, brush my teeth, etc.
ē I feel it the most when I lowbar squat with a thumless grip; I feel it on the press(specially the singles) and the bench; also I canít seem to clean right now, I canít really catch the bar in the rack position properly; I
catch it lower, and then use my arms to slightly get it on top of my delts which hurts my shoulders a lot
ē I feel the pain during the workout, but it gets worse after, during the day
ē Iíve been having this pain since I starter the thumless grip on my squat, a few weeks ago, and its gotten worse; Iíve had some shoulder pain before that, on the press and bench, but it was manageable; now its
much worse
ē Now hereís what I have done to manage this:
- Switched back to narrow grip, thumbs around the bar, higher bar position on my back, and its much better on the squat
- Gave up on assistance for bench and press(incline bench and dumbbell press);
- Narrow grip on my bench
ē What I plan on doing next:
- Switch my heavy singles on the press with a set of 5 or 3
- Switch from the dynamic press to a strict press for the time being
- Decrease the intensity of the press and bench to about 65-75% and slowly increase it back from there
- Switch the powerclean with a 5x5 row for the time being

My recovery is decent, as I now am in a calorie surplus, I get about 150-200 g of protein, 350-450 g carbs, and about 90-110 g of fat a day depending if its training day or not; my sleep is bad, I sleep around 10-11 hours at night, but it takes a long time to fall asleep, and I wake up often, but thatís been going on all my life, so thereís that

Will you please help me with some ideas of how to manage this properly, because I just wanted to grind through this and it hasnít been productive at all;

Thank you!; and sorry for the bad English,as its not my first language.