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    I was deadlifting around 150 lbs possibly with my head up. I felt a ‘electrical pain’ in the neck and for 2 months I had head pain and blurred vision... then all of a sudden it passed away.

    I told myself I would stop with barbells for a while and decided to do chin-ups . On the 8th session of chins I get a muscle tightening just below the base of the skull (poss a muscle of ligament strain)... long story short I developed the same symptoms instantly again... head pain , blurred vision/dizziness, stiff neck for almost 4 months now.

    I talked to my doctor she said it’s a muscle skeletal injury ... I got a CT angiogram which showed that everything is fine. I’m waiting to get an MRI.

    If anyone has advice on what this might be I would much appreciate you’re help and possibly how to deal with it/ and or will it be possible to return to lifting.

    My gut feeling seems like i seriously strained my neck ( im attending physio, who believes the same)


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    You've had advanced imaging which has ruled out a vascular cause of the issue. You've had a medical doctor tell you it is a musculoskeletal injury. You've had a physiotherapist tell you something similar. I think all those things would give evidence to the idea that you can return to weight training, but then again, I've never physically evaluated you.


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