hi, so about 3 weeks ago i was squatting 275 for 3 and at the bottom of the 3rd rep i felt a pop in my right knee and had to drop the bar. i didn't feel any pain but couldn't walk out of the gym without some help. i got it checked out and it turns out i have a birth defect in my knees called a discoid meniscus, basically it makes me more prone to meniscus tears. i can walk fine now without pain and i can deadlift without a problem though I do have some tightness in my knee. The orthopaedic surgeon (i know) said to avoid squatting, lunges, running and sports how would you go about this situation and in possibly getting back to squats. Also i have a feeling that using squat shoes while low bar squatting may have had a part in my injury. lastly would you reccommend getting a second opinion from a sports doctor possibly. thank you