Hi, so i was squatting 275 3 weeks ago and at the bottom of the third rep I felt a pop in my right knee and could put weight on my leg at all, though their was no pain. It's gotten better now, I can walk around no issue. I got it checked out a week and a half after and the orthopaedic surgeon (i know) said I have a discoid meniscus in both knees and that i should avoid squats, lunges, running and sport or your meniscus will wear away overtime. I felt tightness in my knee early in january that was diagnosed as a tear of the lateral meniscus and did PT that didnt do anything and am being reccomended by the same doc to do PT again. My question is would you stop squatting after this and if so what could you substitute for squats and also if you do squat again what would you do to ensure this doesnt happen again. Thank you