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    About ten days ago, I was performing what was for me a heavy deadlift (130kg) under the supervision of a coach when I felt a piercing pain near groin, as if someone had inserted a needle into my muscle, kind of between my hip and pubic bone. I immediately halted the exercise, and the pain went away. Several days later, having felt no pain or other symptoms in the interim, I began warming up my deadlift. On the first rep of a warm-up at 70kg I felt a sensation like a piece of Velcro coming undone in the same area, though it didnít hurt. I immediately stopped once again, though performed some other exercises with no symptoms.

    I went to see a doctor, who upon hearing the above description said he thought I may have a hernia. He performed a manual check and found nothing and so ordered an ultrasound, which also found nothing.

    He didnít provide me much further in the way of guidance ó said I was free to return to exercising if Iím not experiencing pain, and that if something happens and I can feel/see a bulge Iíll know to come to him for a hernia.

    Iím very nervous about attempting another deadlift. In the meanwhile, I have done some other exercises (squat, bench press) at moderate loads with no issue. I have the slightest feeling of some kind of sensation in the area, but itís not painful and now I canít really tell if Iím just imagining it.

    From the guidance Iíve read elsewhere on the forums, it seems like if the hernia is going to happen, itís going to happen. So should I just return to my normal routine? Take a few days off as a precaution? Return with some very light deadlifts? With no symptoms, Iím finding it hard to judge how to proceed. Everything feels fine but now Iím scared Iíll attempt a deadlift and cause a hernia.

    Iím a 35 y/o male, 6í0Ē, 189 lbs, have recently started on the novice progression

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    If itís gonna happen it will happen one way or another, taking time off shouldnít help anything. If you do end up with one follow everyoneís advice on here and get both sides fixed and find the best hernia surgeon you can find. Itís an easy surgery and quick recovery when there arenít complications.


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