Hi Rip; As always thanks so much for what you do. Love the weekly radio..its part of my weekly routine now! I want to say thank you for highlighting my forum question on the main page, that was pretty cool! I see that I am not the only one with a knee strain, torn broken something. I did read the article recommended about knee meniscus surgery or not, thankyou. You have shed so much light over the years on how to keep going in the trenches, especially when it comes to back pain and other injuries, not to mention the SS coaches who are doctors who have also weighed in. Just wondering, if I could make a suggestion that one of your fantastic weekly radio shows you guys talk about the knee a little more, as many of us especially over the age of 50 have hurt knees that do not always require surgery. Oh yes I have heard you talk about knees ,your own in particular and also how the medical community won't step it up when it comes to repairing peoples knees that need it. I am wondering however about the re-hab through strength, and how to best treat torn meniscus and patellas and tendons etc after an injury event....So much on SS has dealt with back pain and general health, however this issue and whether or not strength can help sooner than later would be great to know. Does a person wait until cartilage and tendons heal from an event? How soon should a person get back under the barbell?
Thanks Rip

PS As soon as life settles down a bit more I will come to a seminar...currently us Canadians cannot get back into our own country once we head down South for a bit..
too much of a hassle...