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    First off, thanks to threads like this for information on how to deal with this type of injury. I tore an adductor on Monday and did some very light squats today.

    On Monday, I did the first two of five squat sets with no discomfort. While resting before the third set, I felt some discomfort in the adductor in question, I'm guessing a mild strain. The third set went fine with no discomfort that I can recall. In the hole of what I think was rep four of the fourth set, I experienced a sensation similar to what was described in this article.

    My question is: What is the appropriate course of action when dealing with the sort of mild discomfort described above? I have experienced something similar several times, usually before training, and after a lengthy warmup I have always been able to complete the session as planned.

    Some stats:
    Age: 33
    Weight: 180-185ish
    Intensity day last Friday: 264x2x3
    Planned volume day on Monday: 222x5x5
    Post-lockdown LP ended at 242x5x3 about a month ago.

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    I had an adductor tear a few years ago and I used the Starr rehab with good success. I had some warning signs before the tear happened and towards the tail end of my recovery, my other adductor started acting up.

    Since then, I've had what felt like a few minor strains, but after a lot of experimentation with recovery & prevention, I've decided that the root cause is a muscle cramp. The reason I think this is because stretching the adductor produces quick recovery and prevents it from happening again. Since I've included adductor stretches in my pre-squat routine, I haven't experienced any other adductor pain.


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