A little over a week ago I felt a little pain in my back. I have no clue what caused it, as I didnt have any incident that I know caused it. Just assumed it was from work as I run a CNC laser and am constantly bending over to unload parts off the cutting tables. Just noticed a spot on my back that was tender and a little painful. I have had multiple low back issues over the past 15 years stemming from lots of race car crashes and other stupid things like snowboarding, bmx, and work related injuries. Usually the pain is L4-5 area and pain running down my leg. Have had issues both right and left side. This however is about 1.5" right of L1/L2. And it is concentrated to an area about the size of a quarter. Unlike any other time I have had a back issue, this one I feel pretty decent pain from pushing lightly with my finger. The pain is only in that quarter or so sized are. No pain radiating down my leg or anywhere else for that matter. Just that one small area.

Until last night, the pain was not a big deal. Some days it hurt worse than others, but i made it through my workouts, added weight, and didnt miss a rep. Only deadlifts and power cleans have caused any real pain. Yesterday, the pain was a bit worse. When I got to my deadlifts, my back was hurting a bit and by the time I got to my final warmup 265lbs for 2 reps, I was in alot of pain. Pain still only in that same small spot but very sharp. Felt alot like when I have had torn disc and pain shooting down leg. However, the pain was just in that small spot. I tried to pull my work set of 315lbs x 5, but couldnt move it. Pain was just stopping me in my tracks. I finally got it all the way up, but on the way down I had to drop it about 2 inches off the ground. I was in alot of pain and knew there was no point in another attempt at my set of 5. The pain started once I set my back and pulled the slack out of the bar. Once I had it up to me knees, the pain lessened and I had no trouble locking out and even holding it locked out. The decent felt ok till I passed my knees and then I was back in pain. That is what caused me to drop the bar at the bottom because the pain was so bad. I dont have pain all the time just when i move certain ways. Woke up this morning and I had the worst overall pain since this started. First thing this morning at work I had to unload parts from the cutting table. As soon as I bent over to grab a part, I about went to my knees. I babied my back as much as possible the rest of my work day.

I went to my chiropractor this evening. He first said I had probably aggravated a disc and possibly had a small fracture. He then took xrays and said they looked fine and compared to some old xrays, nothing looked different. When laying down, he raised my right leg and that gave me some pain when my leg got towards the top of the range of motion and pain again when lowering back down just before my leg was back on the table. He said he thinks it a muscle belly. Did some light adjusting around the small spot where I have pain but didnt do any adjusting right at that spot. He said I was too tender to adjust right at the location of the pain. He then applied KT tape and wants me to come back early Monday. He never said strain or tear, he just said he thought it was a muscle belly. Whatever that means? I got the vibe he isnt sure what the issue is.

I then asked him what I should and shouldnt do. He said to put as little strain as possible on my back. Definitely no lifting. I told him I was doing SS and he made it pretty clear he didnt know anything about it. I gave a brief description of NLP and he quickly told me at my advanced age of 39 and multiple old injuries that I shouldnt be lifting heavy weights. He said I dont need to lift more than my body weight and just do 20+rep sets. Also mentioned bosu ball and functional training as being way healthier and what I should look into. I then lost all faith I may have had in my chiropractor.

With all that said, what would be a proper way to move forward and any ideas of what this injury is? Does this sound like an injury that may require me to not put any strain on my back, or should I do all the lifts I can as long as I can manage the pain? I want to keep lifting, but need advice since I have little faith in my chiropractor after todays visit.