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    Hello all, my name is Jesse here are my stats
    6'4 240 lbs squat. 375, deadlift 420, press 150, bench 225

    I'm having a major issue everytime I press a horrible headache follows as soon as finish once I bring the bar back down to my delts a 15 to 60 second headache consumes me. It is making me unable to finish my set, the heavier I get the worst the pain please help me.

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    This probably has to do with how you are taking your Valsalva. Focus on directing the pressure from your breath down into your abs and not up into your head. You may need to practice this unloaded to get a feel for it going in both directions. In other words, try to take a big breath and make your head hurt with out lifting anything. Then try to take a big breath and direct the pressure down to not make your head hurt. If you can do this then you can also do it when your lifting, it just may take some practice.

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    This could be an exertion headache, or something more sinister.
    A few months ago I experienced a severe headache/neck pain while bench pressing. It was so severe I had a CT taken, which was negative. Relieved, I did some research and came to the conclusion that it was most likely an exertion headache. The recommended treatment was naproxen before lifting, which ended up working.
    I suggest taking a two or three naproxen before you work out to see if that helps. If it does not, then schedule with a Dr to get some imaging. It's unlikely, but it could be something serious, ie, vascular, neoplasm, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick D'Agostino View Post
    This probably has to do with how you are taking your Valsalva.
    The best tip I had when learning to valsalva was to try to hold my breath with my mouth open. Also laying on the floor with my hand on my stomach and trying to make my hand move.

    As a migraine sufferer I will say sometimes it's just an exertion trigger which just plain sucks. But if you aren't normally a migraineur and you valsalva on other movements just fine, I'd guess it's more likely a muscle running into a nerve type issue. When my traps get tight it often brings on a migraine. Make sure you aren't sticking your head "through" your arms at the top, and try posting a form check to look for other issues.


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