Torn Pec tendon. Torn Pec tendon.

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Thread: Torn Pec tendon.

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    Hi Everyone,
    I am waiting to discuss the a surgeon how much damage I have to the Left Pec which is subject to the MRI results partially torn off the bone. Damage sustained in a fall and due to being a total idiot I didn't go to A&E or ER.

    I am 5'5" 87kg/191lb, 43 years old

    I started starting strength program after the injury and before I understood the seriousness of what I had done.
    and while I need to complete read the programming book the first time as I am stuck at 284lb squat 305lb deadlift partially form adjustments partially due to being a wuss. However with the injury I am stuck at 187 bench/123 press. And given the pain this will not improve until I have surgery/it gets fixed. However how do I program around the injury what can I continue to do? Should I just accept bench and press weights that are manageable? Or do I substitute for different exercises? Barbell row for instance.

    Secondly any advice on how to rehab after surgery. All advice/ experience accepted in the context that you are not medical staff. I might have issues that you cannot anticipate. And it's all my risk in following it.


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    Hey Mark,

    I would continue to bench and press manageable/tolerable weights going into surgery. After surgery, listen to the surgeon's initial restrictions on loading. If you have limited ROM I would go to physical therapy during the initial stages of rehab so they can give you advice/exercises you can use at home to get the motion back. Once you are cleared to start loading from your surgeon, I would either start an LP at very light weights working up slowly or take a linear periodization approach. For the second option that you would start with high reps and every couple of weeks decrease the number of reps and increase the weight. So that might look like 2 weeks of 15 reps, then 12 reps, then 10 reps, then 8 reps, then 6 reps, then back to 5s. I can't really give you more specific advice than this but hopefully, this is helpful.


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