Deadlift injury just wont go away Deadlift injury just wont go away

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Thread: Deadlift injury just wont go away

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    Default Deadlift injury just wont go away

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    I've been doing deadlift for 1 year, and I reached impressive accomplishments. But 5 month ago ( after the 1 year ) I trained like any other training, I did my normal sets, and I decided to go a little more this time and pushed myself to do more weight, I guess I did it in a really poor physique, right after I did a little rest, I felt like every time I bend my back a little it really really hurt. I immediately stopped deadlifting and even had a break from training. But the injury just won't go away, I will do everything to feel better. I'm doing a lot of stretching too. I even went to the Physiotherapist and he said I have nothing wrong, and he suggested me to keep training but I have no idea what to do, or if I'm doing right. I will really appreciate anybody who will help / or recommend me some training. thanks.

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    Orel Vein,

    Since you saw a physio, I am assuming he screened you for any red flags. So my suggestion would be to start training again.

    Start at low weights, like a novice again, maybe even lighter that you previously have done. Take conservative 5# jumps, long rest periods, make sure your recovering well on your rest days etc.

    If your pain is only with your DL then perhaps you can start with a rack pull. Start at knee height or just below or what ever range is pain free. Use a moderately challenging weight for one set of 5 reps, lowering the pins by one hole each session. Keep the weight the same on the bar until the bar reaches the floor. Once the bar reaches the floor, start increasing the weight by 5# each session. This process should take a few weeks, don't rush through it.

    If you are experience pain during the progression or need some help you can reach out to

    Let me know how it goes.

    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by orel vein View Post
    I'm doing a lot of stretching too.
    You don't say where your back hurts, but when I've tweaked my lower back, stretching does make it go away, although it might take a couple of days.

    I stand on a stool with slightly bent knees, and, holding a 25 lb dumbbell in my hands, bend forward and let the weight pull my upper body down as far as it can go, holding it for 30s or so.

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    Thank you so much for the suggestions as soon as I will start to see changes I will let you know !!


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