Medial knee pain after Sumo DLs Medial knee pain after Sumo DLs

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Thread: Medial knee pain after Sumo DLs

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    Default Medial knee pain after Sumo DLs

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    Usualy the day after I do sumo deadlifts I experience some pain on my medial knees, seems like meniscus or something around that area. It makes sense due to the position of the legs, but I wonder if there's any way around it. I have no knee pain whatsoever, except after heavy sumos.

    This time around I'm doing very light sumo DLs with my regular DL warm-up sets and increasing the weight slowly. I'm up to 265 lbs for a few reps without pain (I pull in the low 500's and probably could pull 520-530 sumo).

    Has anyone had a similar experience?

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    Its hard to answer you, I am not sure if there is any way around it. If sumo is causing you pain and you know what position is causing you pain, then I would say train the conventional DL. The conventional DL will train more muscle mass, helping to protect the medial knee. If your still interested in doing sumo, I would suggest a good bout of programming the conventional DL (4-6 weeks worth), then return to sumo.

    good luck

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    Thanks for the reply!

    I actually almost never do sumo, but since I can pull more weight this way and I'm joining a few powerlifting meets this year, it might be worth a try.

    Just to illustrate, my last DL workout was something like this:
    135x5 conv.
    135x5 sumo
    225x5 conv.
    225x5 sumo
    265x3 sumo
    315x3 conv.
    405x2 conv.
    423x5 conv.

    I started doing something like this 3-4 weeks ago, just to see if I get used to the position. If the knees behave well, the idea is to replace power cleans with light sumos on my second pull of the week as I get closer to the meet, keep pulling conventional/rack pulls for strength on my heavy days and hope it all goes well...


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