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Thread: Numbness/Pins & Needles in Shoulders and Arms

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    Default Numbness/Pins & Needles in Shoulders and Arms

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    5'8", 273lbs, Age 45
    Squat: 290, DL: 320, Bench: 170, Press: 110

    I've been doing the NLP for a little over 3 months, and have been very sedentary for a good 7 years with a computer job prior to starting training last year.

    For the past few years I've experienced numbness down my arms in the morning when driving. (Arms out in front seemed to be the trigger). This would typically be gone by noon, and I'd forget about it. Always an annoyance, but it went away soon enough.

    Over the last week, I've developed a pins and needles sensation between and around the shoulder blades periodically throughout the day. I also feel it down my arms (burning/numbness). I'm noticing it now as I sit on the couch typing this. I'm trying to hold my arms in various positions to see if I can isolate a trigger, but not much luck so far. Arms out in front (bench press) does seem to trigger it. Squeezing shoulder blades back with arms at my sides seems to help. I feel like I want to "crack" my neck and keep rolling it. I hear some popping, but no real relief.

    Got an MRI last year and results said: Cervical spine MRI demonstrates shallow mid line protrusions at C4-5 and C5-6 without cord deformity. The C5-6 level canal is minimally narrowed. At least moderate bilateral C-6 foraminal stenosis is present. no superimposed acute abnormality, cord impingement or intrinsic cord pathology.

    The MRI was from a few weeks before I started training. I was in Physical therapy for about 4 weeks prior to starting the NLP.
    Not sure what to do about it.

    PS. I've had a hell of a time with low bar squat causing shoulder elbow pain. After working on me a bit at a lifting camp at WFAC I was told to thumb around grip and high bar for the time being. This has (over about 4 weeks) resulted in a 95% reduction in the elbow pain. It is merely something I notice after squatting, but no longer messes with my bench press/press. I mention in case it may have something to do with the shoulders.
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    Some modifications in your work station, posture and bar placement may be in order. I would start by cleaning up your work station (computer at eye level, arms supported, good office chair, etc). To address posture, look up a chin tuck exercise, upper trap stretch and thoracic extension stretch. Perform these daily, 2-3x daily. Lastly the high bar squat may be playing role in this as its adjacent to the involved area. Start working on the low bar position (look up the Paul Horn Stretch). You may have to take some weight off the bar in order to achieve the low bar position. In order to not piss off your elbow, make sure the weight of the bar is supported by you back and not your arms. Anticipate working on the low bar position for a few weeks. Lastly as your working on the low bar position, start with a wider grip than you normally use. This will help to avoid elbow pain as you learn a new position. Over time work on narrowing the grip while maintaining a neutral wrist. Take note of your hand placement on the bar each time and progress by about 1 finger width narrower each or ever other training session.

    Regarding the bench, be careful not to press the back of the head into the bench. Just lay it on the surface of the bench.

    good luck


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