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    Hi Mark, apologies If this particular injury has been discussed but could not find anything

    I was squatting monday evening for my work set when I felt a popping sound at the bottom of the squat in my groin. This sent me falling forward with the bar landing on the safety's. I have been to the doctor who has said its a groin strain which will take 4 - 5 weeks to heal, and has suggested I do not train for the next 10 days

    Yesterday I was in a lot of pain but today I feel better although there's still some discomfort in the area. Would you advice getting back in the gym sooner with low weight high reps and if so how long would you usually assume something like this takes to heal to the point where I can resume hitting PRs?

    182 lbs
    Squat set was 315
    Been training since January of this year.

    Apologies if this question is a waste of time but I'm gutted about this set back and would ideally like to get back back where I was as soon as possible.

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    There is a lot of groin injury information on the Starting Strength website. Try the site search function and the forum search function. Here are some starting points:

    Rehabilitating a Severe Adductor Group (Groin) Tear

    Peter's Adductor Rehab | Adam Skillin

    Inguinal Hernia And Strength Training | Jonathon Sullivan

    Rehabilitation | Mark Rippetoe

    Hope your recovery goes well!


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