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Thread: Hip Labrum Tear?

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    Dear Rip,

    Weight: 220
    Sq: 325
    Bp: 240
    Chins: 3x6

    Iíve been running through the LP for a second time, all was going well, until I decided to do some silly stuff outside of the program and now my left hip hurts.

    One day after my squats set (320 for 3 sets of 5), I tried doing some pin squats with 275... starting from the bottom. I squeezed into position under the bar ( likely too low), and tried a few times, unsuccessfully, to push the weight up. Immediately after get a little discomfort in the left hip, but wrote it off and went about my day.

    Next workout tried 325 for 3 sets, and found it difficult to get to depth, with pain in the affected hip, and finished the 3x5, but only able to do so by NOT shoving the knee out on the left side.

    A week later and I feel pain anytime I reach the end of range of motion for the hip (adducting and abducting).

    My original inclination was to just muscle through it, but after looking at the symptoms online, I am concerned it may be a hip labrum tear. Probably going to the doctor for an MRI if it doesnít heal itself.

    Have you had any experience with this kind of thing, and/or prognosis after hip labrum repair surgery?


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    I've never hurt my hip like this, if that is your question. If you cannot train through it, you'll need an MRI.

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    Got it, thank you sir!


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