Pudendal Neuralgia / Pelvic Floor Spasms Pudendal Neuralgia / Pelvic Floor Spasms

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Thread: Pudendal Neuralgia / Pelvic Floor Spasms

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    Good Afternoon,

    Anyone have experience with dealing with mild proctalgia fugax / levator ani spams?

    I would maybe get a flare-up once or twice a year; fleeting and mild. Never thought anything of it until a month ago, after a heavy squat session, I began to experience more frequent flare-up’s.

    Currently; the pain isn’t too bad and the episodes last a few seconds and occur a few times a day but I’ve ceased lifting until speaking with my GP.

    I’ve also reached out to a SS coach who’s also a DPT for coaching because I think it’s my squat form as I suffered from scrotal pain this time last year and it went away on its own after I stopped squatting for a few weeks.

    Doctors ran tests back then and everything was clear. Nothing was wrong with me. One doctor even said “maybe it’s your back” ie pudendal nerve… “STOP SQUATTING…”

    I figure there must be something going on with my SI joint; maybe there’s pressure on the pudendal nerve but I’m having it checked by a GP just in case because the pain has shifted from scrotal pain (like last year) to now rectal pain. The pudendal nerve branches off into all those regions but I guess it can’t hurt to have it checked by a GP. Hopefully I’m not sent for a battery of exams just for them to say “it’s nerve related. Stop squatting” like they did last time.

    Any advice? This has been a real pain in the behind.

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    I have no experience with this, although if you have, indeed, had this diagnosed down to a true pelvic floor issue, I would suggest getting a consult to a PT who is a Women's Clinical Specialist (Pelvic Floor Rehab Specialist).


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