After realising my squat grip was very wide, which caused elbow problems and affected the bench, I set out to fix things. (My other post is on this)

Things went perfect; fixing the grip and doing some pull ups had me back benching my regular numbers within 10 days. The press was unaffected this whole time. There was zero pain on my elbow.

Yesterday this happened: I was pressing with no problems, when at the second rep of the second set, I noticed a feeling like popping bubble wrap on my left elbow. There was no pain, so I did one more rep, and the same thing happened, with no pain. I thought it suspicious so I stopped and rested for 2min, only to soon realise that even a minor push with the heel of my palm was painful. There was no pain or swelling when the hand wasn't used. Deadlifts felt fine, so I proceeded to do them with zero annoyance or pain.

Went to the doc an hour after, he described it as tennis elbow and prescribed me some pills for two weeks, and ice 3 times a day, avoiding all physical activity.

When I got home I tried to assume the low bar position, to see if at least I could keep squatting, but it felt really bad.

My question: is the protocol appropriate for my case, or should I really do nothing as the doctor prescribed for two weeks?

How quickly will things get fixed? I am going to the army in March, and I really want to be strong and ready. But I worry that this might not be possible with the current circumstances.

Thanks for reading