Still don't understand which exercise to use for rehab Still don't understand which exercise to use for rehab

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Thread: Still don't understand which exercise to use for rehab

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    Default Still don't understand which exercise to use for rehab

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    Hi Coach,

    Tore my other hamstring doing something stupid. I still have not been able to figure out the which or the why on using squats, deadlifts, or RDLs to rehab.

    Is it preference, the one that hurts the most, the one that gives the largest ROM? Is switching exercises mid-point ever something to consider?

    Appreciate the help as always,


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    Hey Sebastian,

    Not a coach, but just curious what happened? I managed to tweak my lower back the other day performing a pull-up, so no worries about embarrassment here, man.

    My inclination would be to recommend the activity which you're able to produce over the largest ROM at a rate which doesn't exacerbate the pain in any significant sense, and which hopefully actually reduces it following the set. In this case, perhaps try out the low bar squat and see how that goes? If you're feeling particularly cavalier, absolutely feel free to do both this and the deadlift in the same session, too, though do make sure it's with the most precise and impeccable form you can muster, lest the injury worsen.

    Let me know how it goes, be very curious to see what works best in this case.

    All the best, and hope everything's feeling better soon,

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    Thanks for asking. I basically grossly overestimated my flexibility while dancing at a wedding...bruising all over starting from just below my butt to a few inches under my knees. Unable to sit down without hands for the first couple days. I switched back and forth between squat and deadlift.

    4 days no lifting
    Day 1 deadlift 95x3x35
    Day 2 squat 45x3x25
    Day 15 squat 225x15; 235x15; 245x15
    Day 16 deadlift 275x15; 295x15; 305x13 (fail)

    I used mostly squat because it hurt the most, but at some point, I felt that I had torn the hamstring at two locations (pain in two separate places), so I switched back to deadlift and kept going back and forth. I currently have almost no deep hamstring pain, just superficial pain that I continue to treat with ice, rub, and warmth. The back and sides of my knee are swollen and tender (maybe this is a connective tissue issue), and I probably also injured some of the anterior leg muscles. The movement of putting on socks most difficult and painful, but gets easier on a daily basis.

    Leo, to answer your question specifically, I have considered squatting and deadlifting in the same session, but I did not do it. First, my knees are still swollen, and I think the large volume of squatting has at least something with this. Second, squatting/deadlifting every day (and I'm not perfectly compliant) is tough on the body if you are not used to it. Third, I think the injury gets enough work just from one exercise.

    To summarize, I have no doubt my hamstring will heal stronger and more flexible than it was, and I will hit a PR in a couple weeks. I would use the exercise that hits the area with the most pain that you can tolerate, and the lift utilized can change day to day.


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