Pain from golfers/tennis elbow at work, not training Pain from golfers/tennis elbow at work, not training

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Thread: Pain from golfers/tennis elbow at work, not training

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    Default Pain from golfers/tennis elbow at work, not training

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    Prior to working with an SSC I spent my early novice training sessions pissing off both my elbows. I’ve since alleviated the form problems and the pain doesn’t affect my training.

    I recently took a new apprenticeship as a pipe welder, and I’ve noticed that certain movements cause painful flare ups in both elbows, that largely subsides throughout the day.

    It’s predominantly pushing away from my body with my right arm and pulling towards myself with my left. A specific occupational example is installing a small diameter pipe at a T bend and having to push one end into into a gasket while bracing the T bend with the opposite hand. Switching arms doesn’t appear to help.

    As previously written- these flare ups are fairly intense but largely dissipate as the day goes on; usually right after my lunch break. I’ve heard Rip discuss the chins/pull-ups “piss it off real bad and it gets better” method on the podcast and wonder if I’m unintentionally doing this.

    0600-1000: elbows fucking hurt.
    1030-1430: noticeable soreness but manageable.
    1800: No pain, elbows feel like they’ve been working all day.

    Specific questions: 1) am I doomed to have painful elbows forever? 2) would warning up somehow prevent this issue? 3) is it possible if I keep pissing them off… the tendons will heal?

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    Terrible situation. If only someone had developed an effective treatment for elbow tendonitis.

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    You should just do the pin firing exactly as written. My tendinitis really fucked up my career as a mason at one point, but the pin firing really took care of it


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