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You have a subtle amount of hip shift in your squat: your whole pelvis moves slightly to the right at the bottom. The camera angle might be playing tricks on my eyes but I don't think so. Not sure if this is a primary or secondary cause, or an *effect*, but it's probably related somewhat. I would bet that the left erector is slightly weaker than the right, and so working disproportionately hard. It appears to get worse with depth so not going so deep and leaning over more as Satch says might do something to address this.

What does your pulling programming look like? I found when my squat and my deadlift were that close my low back couldn't keep up with the squatting, and I had similar discomfort (though not as severe). Your deadlift is only 25(?) pounds ahead of your squat, and looked like way more work (to my remote eye). You might just need to get your back stronger.
I didn't/don't see that, but if it's there, it would be more prudent for a LLD should be investigated first. That would lead to and more reasonably explain any muscle "imbalances" and/or uni-lateral discomfort.