Shoulder Seems to Move in and Out of Socket Shoulder Seems to Move in and Out of Socket

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Thread: Shoulder Seems to Move in and Out of Socket

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    Default Shoulder Seems to Move in and Out of Socket

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    Not really and injury, but was wondering if anyone has seen something like this before. My left shoulder seems to be able to "pop" in and out of the socket. I'm not super well versed on the anatomy, but seems that the humerus can pop out away from the body. I can even take my other hand and push it back in. If I hold my left arm up in an overhead press position, then rotate my elbow up, as if in a 'upright row' position, it full on pops out of the joint. Generally it is not super painful unless it happens accidentally under load.

    It messes most with the squat grip, as, my right shoulder/elbow can pin closer to my side with a straight wrist, however the left shoulder cannot maintain the position. That is, when I try to tighten the muscles of the upper back to pull back the shoulders while keeping a neutral wrist, there is pain and tightness in the left houlder (in the rear of the shoulder, almost down toward the armpit). I am noticing either the left wrist bends to accommodate, or the left elbow simply sticks out higher or at a different angle then the right.

    The reason I'm curious to run it by the board is that I get frequent elbow tendon problems, and was wondering if it the weirdness at the shoulder could be the culprit.

    Has anyone seen something like this or know how to deal with it? Thanks

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    There are a couple potential explanations. First of all, Id like to see a video of your squat and one of a pressing movement. That would give me a really good data point to point you in the right direction.

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    Thank you! Not sure what angle you'll need exactly. I'll post a few different views of the 3 lifts.

    Heavy Press Single (Rear 45 View):
    Fifth press single @ 175 lbs - YouTube

    Press x 5 (Front View)
    IMG 9621 - YouTube

    Squat 45 Degree:
    IMG 3108 - YouTube

    Squat Rear View
    IMG 3245 - YouTube

    Bench (Left 45 Side View)
    IMG 9619 - YouTube

    Bench (Right 45 Side View)

    Not sure if its any use, but here is video of the shoulder popping in and out of place, for lack of better words to describe it:

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