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Thread: Adductor / Knee Injury

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    Default Adductor / Knee Injury

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    Male, 29, Underweight, with a (by now ancient) history of right knee tendonitis.

    Doing Squats around the bar to bar + 20kg range of weights repeatedly hurt my right knee and adductor magnus area near that knee.
    I'm 90% sure this is because my knees were tracking forward at the bottom of the squat. Sadly, I've only realised this the moment the repeated stress became an actual injury.

    Now, symptoms are sore/achy area of lower adductor magnus, with that same achiness travelling around the patella.
    When going down in a bodyweight squat, my right knee feels 'pressured' and I stop doing the exercise. Even after a deadlift (50kgs incl. bar..) my right knee feels achy and sore, and generally speaking my right knee feels a bit unstable at the moment. Warm-up and exercise only seems to worsen the symptoms.
    Massaging the surrounding muscles feels really nice, especially the inner thigh, IT band, Quadriceps and shins, but doesn't provide lasting relief.

    I've dropped squats for now, and have been focussing on deadlifts but this seems to aggravate the symptoms slightly.

    Wondering what the injury is, how to best treat it, and how to get back into weightlifting when I'm already struggling with good farm with purely the bar or low weights.
    Having done research on the forums and blog posts, it doesn't seem like tendonitis (even if somewhat related) because of the difference in sensation to what I had before, and I'm unsure whether it's a muscle belly tear.

    My guess is that I've injured the lower thigh muscle a little, whilst inflaming the area surrounding the patella, and that the best course of action would be rest for about a week or two with no squats and deadlifts. This does seem to go against SS advice.

    Any thoughts?

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    We cannot diagnose an injury over the internet, and without a diagnosis we cannot recommend a rehab.

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    PT diagnosed it's a muscular issue on the quadriceps/adductors, considering that the knee seems fine. Gave me some foam roll exercises and an adductor strengthening exercise.
    About a week later with no exercise, and the area is still very sensitive to stress. I lie on bed for a whole day, and there is no pain. I go for a half hour walk and maybe a short bike ride, and the next day the area is very sore again. Same with the adductor exercise. The fuck.

    Pretty sure the injury is because of failing to keep my knees in place during a squat, so I'm going to see a SS coach when this injury is healed.

    Until then, is there a recommended, idiot-proof rehab? I am considering building up some strength through cycling, or leg press (idiot-proof) and light deadlifts. Will ignore the squat for until I've seen the coach.

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    A PT gave you a diagnosis of a “muscular issue.” Then proscribed a bunch of PT stuff.

    In other words, you don’t have a diagnosis and the PT stuff is aggravating your tendons.

    Yes, see a coach as soon as you can.

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