Hey there, I already interacted with Rip on the forum about this issue, but I saw an orthopaedic specialist and got a diagnosis so I thought it might warrant reposting. She suspects: "osteochondritis dissecans (which also happened to me about 9 years ago, I had an arthroscope to have the loose bodies removed and a chondroplpasty), medial femoral condyle chondropathy, patellofemoral pain, slight patella alta".

I'm getting X-rayed in a couple weeks to check for osteoarthritis, loose bodies, and patellar position. In the meantime she's prescribed me physiotherapy, hyaluronic acid injections, specifically Durolane 3mL, and a topical anti inflammatory because the swelling hasn't completely dissipated in my knee since I tweaked it a month ago.

I was in the middle of an LP when this happened, have been doing the Dr. Sullivan 5-3-1 method courtesy of his YouTube channel since then, and am thinking of resuming the LP. Should I make programming modifications to the lower body lifts given these diagnoses? I have been doing compressed Texas Method for the upper body to try and keep those lifts moving.

Male, 26, 5'9.5", 187lbs.
-Squat 75lbs->180lbs regressed to 115lbs
-Deadlift 135lbs->245lbs regressed to 225lbs