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Thread: Zach Update

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    Default Zach Update

    Okay kiddies, here is the poop:

    Zach Evetts
    March 1, 2010
    Bodyweight: 242
    Bodyfat % measured at 7 skinfold sites (equation detailed below): 20.95%
    LBM: 191.29 lbs.
    Bodyweight increase in 15.4 weeks: 25 lbs
    191.29 - 177.07 = 14.22 lbs. LBM increase
    14.22/25 = 56.8% of gain as LBM, .92 lb./week

    Equation: 1.112 - .00043499(x) + .00000056(x^2) - .0028826(age) = body density

    (4.57/body density - 4.142)100 = Bodyfat %
    Skinfold total: 162mm, 7 sites measured and marked

    Equipment used: Lange Skinfold Caliper (Cambridge Scientific)

    Current pictures below, without a shirt for those of you "into" this sort of thing.

    Now, it may be that I don't know how to use skinfold calipers, but you assume that at your PERIL. These pictures clearly show a male at about 20-22% bodyfat. It may even be that I shopped the pictures, but I know even less about that than I do lighting. The fact is that Zach has gained 78 lbs. in 6 months, 46 lbs. of which is LBM. His squat has gone from 145 x 5 to 345 x 5. Anyone who says otherwise is either calling me a liar or is saying that I donít know how to weigh and measure bodyfat. Thatís fine, and we can settle it whenever you want to. Anyone who says that skinfold caliper testing in the hands of an experienced operator is inaccurate compared to hydrostatic weighing is unfamiliar with the procedures. Furthermore, Zach is not taking steroids, and anybody who claims this is full of shit, as is anyone who says that X lbs. of LBM/year are the absolute maximum that can be gained. We do it here all the time, and you can too if you do the program correctly.

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    God damn. What's his deadlift at, out of curiosity? And height?

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    before pic for comparison.

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    But he doesn't have abs! (sorry, I had to do it, no more sarcasm from me)

    That is some incredible progress. Very impressive weight and strenght gains. I never cared much for BF %, especially when you have pictures to really show people what you are talking about.

    My only question, does Zach have stretch marks anywhere? I cannot see any in the pictures, but on my own body they would not be visible in pictures like these. I have them on the inner thigh and near the armpit.

    But damn, nearly 80 pounds in 6 months. I only wish I could eat like that.

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    Now that's pretty damn impressive.

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    The data has been manipulated, I saw Zach eat a salad yesterday.

    No bullshit.

    ~ Sam

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    I daresay he looks like a useful human being. Outstanding work.

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    Great job, especially the squatting weight. Now, what I would like to know, what kind of diet did Zach follow? GOMAD? Stuffitall?

    Again, great progress.

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    Honestly, he might even be under 20% bodyfat.

    Either way, the important thing is how strong he got in such a short period of time. hard work and good coaching has paid off.

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    Get zach to cut this instant coach. 20-22% is nowhere near an ideal %.

    now that i got that out of the way...

    The magic of whole milk works wonders on anyone willing to try.

    I am admiring that "NO SILLY BULLSHIT" sticker on the board.

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