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Thread: Uneven shoulder heights when doing pull ups.

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    Default Uneven shoulder heights when doing pull ups.

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    Hi Rip. The obligatory thanks, i'm in the best shape of my life thanks to SS. Onto my problem, possibly.

    I've noticed recently that it seems like I have an uneven amount of strength/movement/technique problems (or whatever the reason is I don't know) when doing pull ups and chin ups for both bodyweight at 200lbs and up as high bw+40kg for sets.

    The chin up station I use has a full length mirror along the wall in front of it and when doing i'm doing my chin ups and admiring the vision of strapping manliness before me that i've created, I can clearly see an uneven distribution of force. When doing reps it's as if one shoulder is consistently out of line with the other (always the same one) and lower and further back than the other. It seems to be in a different area of space than where it should be. I have no idea what it is and was wondering if it's anything I should be concerned about, faulty technique or do a lot of people do it but never know.

    Potentially useful information: I've had a number of spotters (3 or 4) tell me my bench ~200lbs atm can be uneven sometimes. I assumed too heavy/not enough food combo was to blame.
    And i've had a extremely longstanding 10yrs+ regularly recurrent "niggle" just beside my shoulder blade near the spine on the weak pullup side in my back, that i've have ignored because it's not painful and a function of life I suppose. I'm almost 30 btw.

    Sorry for the cryptic post but I just want to know is this one of these "just ignore" things or "stop doing pullup" one. Thanks.

    P.S. Out of curiosity do you have any projects you're working on for the future that your adoring public would be interested in? Single-malt aftershaves, Rip approved steaks, or even more books dvds?

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    Sounds like a soft-tissue deal, differences in the extensibility in the scapular muscles/tendons. Rolfing fixes stuff like this, and maybe consult your chiropractor. Unless it's causing pain, keep doing chins.

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    Soft-tissue would make sense as during my one and only professional massage on my back i've ever had the massause commented on the fact that my "problem" side felt different and seized during the massage (i felt that too). I'm definitely going to look into getting it seen to rolfing/chiro.
    Thanks alot for your time.

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