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    Question Weird training schedule this week

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    Greetings Coach,

    Last week I started the Texas Method and due to some issues at work I had to do a W,F,Su workout schedule. This week I'm down in Florida with the family for Thanksgiving, so I'm limited to a W,F schedule this week, which will lead into my normal T,R,Sa schedule next week.

    I'm thinking that the volume day on Wednesday is a given, but I'm not sure what to do with Friday. Do I skip recovery and go right into intensity? Or would a recovery day suffice in this situation? Or do you have a different suggestion altogether?

    Let me know if you need additional info. Your advice is much appreciated.

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    Just eat and worry about it next week when you get back on schedule. Enjoy the folks and quit being a geek till Monday. It pisses everybody else off, so we should all stop doing it at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It will make the rest of the year's training go better, I promise.


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