Thank Rip...for helping me get my stuff together Thank Rip...for helping me get my stuff together

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Thread: Thank Rip...for helping me get my stuff together

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    Default Thank Rip...for helping me get my stuff together

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    I just want to say thanks for helping me get my shit together. I basically mean my health, which has in turn made improvements in my quality of life in just a few short months.

    I'm 38, been a career firefighter for almost 20 yrs, and had a body that was breaking down earlier than it should. I've had too many years of lifting fat people, carrying awkward shit up numerous flights of stairs, and trying to help raise 3 kids after getting 3 hours of sleep at night. To add to that, a few months ago, I fell awkwardly on my side/shoulder. I basically fell on my left hip and elbow while my arm was raised over my head from about 8 ft off the ground. This while wearing 70 lbs of firefighting gear. My shoulder hasn't been right since then, and it kept me from "staying in shape" on the goofy universal machine at the firehouse. So I became more sedentary, and it made me fatter, and made my back and shoulder hurt worse.

    Then, one of the young whipper snappers at work put me onto your website and book. He convinced me barbell training could actually make my whole body feel better. At this point, I was willing to try anything. So I invested in a used barbell set and a rack for my garage. I was skeptical of how lifting heavy shit over my head, and squatting heavy shit would make my body feel better. 8 weeks later, I'm hooked. I've been following your diet recommendation for fat people in your "clarification", and simply lifting weights.I'm not setting any world records, just making steady progress. I never would have thought that I would actually be deadlifting with the way my back has felt for the past 10 yrs. But, I don't hurt as much when I wake up in the morning. I've started to add noticeable strength, and shed some fat.

    Thanks for making barbell training simple. Reading your book didn't over complicate things. I've kept a few things in mind that keep me driving forward. Getting stronger is the best way to get better at your sport. My "sport" just happens to be firefighting. Secondly, strong people are harder to kill and more useful. Thanks again coach.

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    Proud to have you with us.


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