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Thread: Squat Depth Efficacy

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhett View Post
    Don't say "don't even think about stopping high; just go to the bottom" if what you really mean is "stop a few inches before you get to the bottom". Why not clarify the distinction between the two and lay out your position for why JBP is better than ATG?

    But I like the character on display here. I recently made an observation that helped the author Sam Harris improve the clarity of his wording. His response? He sent me a signed copy of every one of his books in thanks. I make an observation about the language of your book that, if they are being honest, any English speaker would interpret differently than you intend and your response? More snarky, smart-ass comments.
    From what I recall in reading the book, it very clearly stated what bottom was, something along the lines of the quads being parallel to the floor and the crease of the hip just below the top of the knee (correct me if I got this wrong). That being the case, since BOTTOM has been established, further instruction can say "don't stop before the bottom of the squat".

    Sounds like you want it asinine and complicated lawyer speak, so morons can't twist the words around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhett View Post
    If the pictures say one thing, but the words say another, then there is a lack of clarity. This is an inconvenient fact for Mark, but the squat he coaches is a partial squat and is not the full range of motion.
    Over 80,000 people understood the book, and you didn't. Make of that what you will, Assbanana.

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