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Thread: Update: Yaron Shagalov + bent Eleiko bar

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    Default Update: Yaron Shagalov + bent Eleiko bar

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    Continuing this thread, I hope it's still interesting.

    Yaron competed at the 2014 European swimming championships, at the 100m & 50m (breaststroke).
    Started at the 100m, his weaker distance. Swam at the 2nd heat. His previous record, from August 2013, was 1:02.98 (at an olympic pool, 50m). He swam the first 50m slow, at 29.61, touching the wall at the 9th place, and finished amazingly quick at 1:02.07, as the 1st at his heat. It gave him the 26th place. We're very happy from his 100m time, crushed his PR. We were aiming a bit more for the 100m since this is an olympic distance and the olympic games at 2016 are getting closer.

    At the 50m he swam 27.85 at the preliminaries, achieving the 11th place and a spot at the semi final. At the semi final he swam 27.83, achieving the total ranking of 10th. Didn't improve his PR, but to be honest, the pool is not constructed good for the 50m distances, which start at the other side of it. The swimmers have a 15 min walk, with uphills and stairs and shit right before they jump into the water. I don't know if this is why he did "only" 27.83, 0.05 sec off his PR (set at May, 2014), but it may be.

    That being said, in his semi final Adam Peaty broke the world record, with an amazing time - 26.62 (!!!). Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMZeray9L0s

    Anyway, we're very happy with his achievement. A 10th place at the European championship is very impressive, and I'm very happy that he wasn't stressed and swam awful because it's the first time he compete in this level. It's very difficult to bring your training level into the competition, especially when it's your first experience in such a high level.

    The second subject, is the Eleiko bar. I train our national youth swimming team, at the national sport center, where they live and train. We have the athletes gym, which isn't that huge (3 places to squat at), but has a quality bars and plates. 4 Eleiko bars, one of them is a women's bar, 15kg. 3 of them are straight, but one of the 20kg bars is bent. It's the first time I see a bent Eleiko bar. How rare is it?
    Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRnk9adgs9Y

    Have a nice day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TalEphrat View Post
    Continuing this thread, I hope it's still interesting.
    It's not. About the bent bar: Contact Eleiko USA, they'll do something about it. They replaced mine.


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