Asymmetrical muscle development. Asymmetrical muscle development.

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Thread: Asymmetrical muscle development.

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    I'm still fairly new into the Novice phase (only squatting 220lb), and it has become increasingly apparent that my legs are developing quite different from each other. Specifically, what I believe to be the upper part of the Vastus lateralis, and the fact that I seem to lack it completely on my right leg

    Having already used the search function I found several posts indicating scoliosis or asymmetrical leg length as the cause of uneven development. However, I suffer from neither of these. Let alone severe enough to cause the large difference I'm experiencing (about 2 inches when measuring 'girth' of the upper leg).

    I'm always careful to take an even stance, with the bar centered and level.

    I don't suffer from any strength imbalances despite the difference in size - although it is of my opinion that may just be because I'm still very novice.

    I don't experience this asymmetry on any other part of my body.

    I did do a lot of BMX as a child/teenager, and the more developed leg was my 'lead' leg - The leg I always had forward when coasting, jumping and landing. I am unsure if this is related.

    I don't care about the 'aesthetics' of asymmetrical legs. I'm just concerned, will this cause issues as I progress through and out of the novice phase? Or is it reasonably common and of no concern?

    Thank you.

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    If your technique is symmetrical, the small leg will either catch up, or it won't. If you make each side contribute the same force, the weak (?) side will adapt.


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