Heavy/Medium/Light exercise selection. Heavy/Medium/Light exercise selection.

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Thread: Heavy/Medium/Light exercise selection.

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    Default Heavy/Medium/Light exercise selection.

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    I feel I should know this answer, but I'm not sure. When following a H-M-L schedule, instead of doing the same exercise all 3 days, can you use different exercise that limit the weight compared to the base exercise?

    For example:
    Squats (heavy) Front SQ (medium) Overhead SQ (light)
    Bench (heavy) Incline or Dips (medium) Overhead Press (light)

    I'm looking at it from the view that the lighter exercise would provide less CNS stress, but still stimulate the same musculature.

    On the medium and light days would you handle the max load for the prescribed reps or back off there also?

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    Yes. Exactly what I'd say.


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