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    Great work. I have your newest version of Starting Strength and the following questions:

    1) I am 30 and have general, non sport specific goals of becoming stronger as it truly is the most important thing in life. How would you suggest programming for this? Buy PP as well? Do squats, bench presses, and dead lifts everyday? Obviously I am a novice so any info to help here would be greatly appreciated.

    2) I see many videos with people throwing the weight down after completing a lift. It would seem to me that a better way to do this is lowering the weight onto the rack. Are there benefits to the throwing I am not understanding?

    3) Is a possible, good programming strategy to incorporate your idea of squatting, bench pressing, and dead lifting in a workout with other exercises that would promote aesthetics?

    Thank you, Mark. When are you coming to San Diego?

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    1.) Just do the program in the book. This question is answered in detail there.

    2.) Are they throwing it down after a snatch or a clean/jerk with bumper plates? If not, they're kicked the fuck out of my gym. I don't need the members that bad. Don't know about yours.

    3.) The basic program promotes aesthetics better than any other program in the history of mankind, because bigger stronger people are aesthetically pleasing to other normal humans. Skinny people with quad separation are not. What other exercises did you have in mind?

    We'll be in SD 1/12-13/08. See you there?


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