Squating with Osgood Schlatter? Squating with Osgood Schlatter?

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Thread: Squating with Osgood Schlatter?

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    Default Squating with Osgood Schlatter?

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    Hi, Coach! Let me start by thanking you for literally changing my life for the better - I just happen to come across SS earlier this year at a bookstore. The high quality of its content was obvious to me, and so I bought it and started the program. I've worked my way through the novice stage, and am now doing a combination of lifting and crossfit. My back squat is over 300lbs, and my deadlift is around 325 and going up - not bad for an old (45) guy!

    I'm convinced of the truth that "being strong is the most important thing in life"...

    To my question: I have 15 year old two sons. One of them is in the middle of SS, and making great progress. The other plays basketball, and has a pretty bad case of Osgood Schlatter, which of course the BB makes worse. He loves playing, however, and so he basically just plays through the pain, and ices his knees when they get really bad. He's had it for over 18 months now, and it doesn't seem to be getting better. He'd like to get stronger for BB.

    Do you have any experience working with kids with OS? Do you think squatting and Deadlifting could help him, or would you advise keeping away from knee work until the OS clears up? Any other recommendations you have for him?

    Thanks again!

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    I have had several kids with OSD, and every one of them has benefitted from correctly performed full squats. We have kept one kid out a scheduled surgery because he responded so well. Quad-dominant activities like jumping (BB), knee extensions, and half-squats produce/aggravate OSD symptoms, while posterior chain stuff like the low-bar deep squats we use in SS, and pulls like RDLs tend to re-balance the knee and allow it to heal while still getting stronger.

    Your orthopod/pediatrician will "disagree". But you already know that.


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