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    Hi Mark,

    Firstly, I have found SS:BBT to be very informative and has helped me grasp key concepts of barbell training, thank you. Now, my question involves barbell training in relation to competitive swimming. I am a competitive swimmer and compete at a fairly high level. I am uncertain as too how well the strength gained in the gym will relate to strength and power when in the pool (specifically sprint swimming). I was wondering if you had coached or trained with any swimmers, and how effective it was for them, and what worked well for them.

    As of now, I have not been on the program long enough to see my strength gains transferred to the pool (I have been on the beginners program for just over one month), although have obviously experienced strength gains in the gym. Hope this post makes sense, and I thank you for any input.


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    I have no experience with swimming at all, aside from the fact that I can swim and do so every few years. I am the wrong guy to ask about this. Sorry.


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