2 Things I'm not understanding about hip drive 2 Things I'm not understanding about hip drive

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Thread: 2 Things I'm not understanding about hip drive

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    Default 2 Things I'm not understanding about hip drive

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    1.) I watched this video:


    and you said that it looks like a good squat other then the fact that he's not going deep enough. Now, compared to min

    Here is my video that I posted a couple weeks ago:


    Which you said the main problem is that I'm not driving the weight up with my hips.

    Now, as far as hip drive is concerned, both videos look like the hips are moving the same way. Neither one of the videos has a constant back angle throughout the upward movement. The back becomes vertical before the hips move all the way to the top before the knees lock out. I'm not sure I understand why one video looks okay, but the other doesn't.

    This leads me to my next question:

    2.) While driving the weight up with the hips (thinking "hips movement" the whole time), and keeping a constant back angle of about 45? the knees eventually lock out. The problem is, is that once the knees lock out the back will still be at that 45? angle, and it will then have to become vertical at some point to complete the squat. What I'm wondering is at what point during the hip drive should the back start to go back to the vertical position? After the knees lock out? Or somewhere right before the knees lock out?

    3.) Am I overthinking things too much?

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    1.) Hip drive is apparent out of the bottom. It looks like the ass is shoved up first, and it looks like there is a subtle change in the back angle. It is as though you are bending over very slightly as you lift your hips out of the bottom. The videos both show the chest being lifted, and this cannot happen without the knees going forward too, which slacks the hamstrings and kills hip drive.

    2.) The first thing that happens on the way down in the squat is that the back assumes the angle it will carry all the way down to the bottom and back up, at the same time that the knees go out and the hips go back. This occurs in the first 1/3 of the descent. This means that the back will stay at this angle until the last 1/3 of the ascent is complete. Not before. This should occur naturally without you thinking about it, and the result will be that the hips and knees will lock out simultaneously.

    3.) No, you're just thinking, which is good.


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