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    Coach Rip,

    In an effort to keep the amount of thoughts regarding form in my head while squatting from becoming too numerous or complicated, I ask you this: would it be accurate to say that as long as the bar is in the right position on my back, with my feet flat and in balance under me, everything else on my body will fall into proper form? In other words, I'm then only paying conscious attention to bar placement and staying in the middle of the foot. Or is that all just a different way of using the Master Cue?

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    It has been our experience that the vast majority of people will attempt to squat with too-vertical a back angle, because the mental picture of a front squat/bodybuilder "quad" squat/Olympic squat is so indelibly buried in their minds. You will have to think about leaning over/sitting back/knees back and then driving the hips up if you're trying to use the squat technique detailed in the blue book.

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    I will add that as opposed to leaning over/sitting back/knees back I had been folding/bending over. I received feedback on a form video indicating "chest out" and things began snapping into place. A day or two after, I came across this article:

    Identifying and Correcting Thoracic Spinal Flexion in the Squat | Bill Hannon

    It was extremely helpful and helped to solidify and fill in additional detail on those improvements.

    Thanks for all of the material you and all of the coaches provide here!


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