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Thread: The Nutrition and Programming Sub-Forums in Starting Strength: New Management

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    Default The Nutrition and Programming Sub-Forums in Starting Strength: New Management

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    Beginning Monday 1/29/18, we will rotate the forum moderatorship every six months. Jordan and Andy have done excellent work for you over the past few years, and it's time to give them a break, as well as expose you to the talents of other SSCs. Starting off will be Robert Santana SSC RD on Nutrition, and Brent Carter SSC on Programming. These guys will be in charge for the next 6 months, so use this resource as you need to. Keep the rules in mind:

    1. Stay short and concise. There is a difference between a board post question and a professional consultation. Posts that are too long or detailed, or that require an inordinate amount of time to answer will be deleted.

    2. Stay respectful and on-topic. These forums are not E&P, and they will not be allowed to devolve into a distraction. Trolls will be wasting their time, as trolls should.

    3. Read the board before you post. It is your responsibility to ensure that your question is not repetitive. You are not paying these guys, and they are not obligated to indulge questions that have been answered 40 times already, that make absolutely no sense, or that are so poorly typed or phrased that they require deciphering and lower the quality of the forum.

    4. Direct all technique or form check questions to the Staff Coaches Q&A or your SSOC coach.

    5. Verified Users will be first in line with new questions, so give some consideration to that before you post.

    Nutrition Forum

    Programming Forum

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    I know it goes without saying, but itís good to say anyway: thank you Jordan and Andy for the countless hours youíve invested in this community. Iíve learned a tremendous amount from both of you. I know you both know it, but there are thousands of us who donít post much yet are deeply grateful for your contributions. I hope you enjoy the well-deserved break, and that it frees you up to invest time in other valuable work.

    Robert and Brent, itís not too late, you can still get out... Good luck gentlemen - Iím looking forward to the new perspectives.

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