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Thread: Podcast: Fighting and Lifting with Julia Avila

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    Yodsanklai is a scary dude. Hes a Muay Thai fighter (not a kick boxer, but sometimes Thai fighters will do a kickboxing match for money/ exposure/ etc). No surprise, professional Thai fighters also do an insane amount of running and calisthenics. A lot of those guys are very strong for their size, but theyre tiny. For some, it is a way out of poverty. Lots of Thai kids train from a very young age, but Im sure its a very small percentage who make it to the big stadiums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    We hear this all the time. Boxing, MMA, BJJ, all the same shit. These guys aren't bright enough to understand the weight class/women's division argument.
    In their defence, they do make their living getting repeatedly punched in the head.

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