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Thread: Push Press not main exercise?

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    Default Push Press not main exercise?

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    Why do you choose the press instead of the push press as the main exercise? The push press involves the entire body more so, and you can use more weight and move the bar more quickly over the same range of motion, generating more power. Not that you don't know that, but I want to make sure you understand why I'm asking the question.

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    Because it's quite possible to be very good at the push press and not have a very good press, since it leaves out the bottom of the movement wrt the pressing muscles. Power is not our only concern -- the press is a strength exercise. If our only criteria is that heavier weights can be lifted faster, the jerk would be even better than the push press.

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    I firmly believe that one of the main reasons why I've experienced several shoulder issues over the past few years is because I favored the push press and power jerk over the strict press. I was at a point where I was able to put 300 lbs overhead on a 2 inch axle with a power jerk/push press. But my strict press was stuck around 200 (at a bodyweight of 230). And I have to mention the fact that my technique was not very good. I look at this now and I see it as completely unacceptable. I got very strong at doing things improperly because I didn't have a coach. And now I have to spend more time and effort trying to fix the imbalances I exhibit.

    I think the push press and jerk are valuable exercises to use in the pursuit of strength and power. But I see them as assistance exercises like the barbell row, stiff-leg dead lift and front squats. Stick with the basics if you want not just to be strong, but to be balanced. Then add in the other stuff if you are active in a sport that requires some more specific assistance exercises.


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