Pin firing for shoulder pain? Pin firing for shoulder pain?

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Thread: Pin firing for shoulder pain?

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    Hi coach. I was very ill for a while last year, and during the months I was out of training (in which time I lost around 26lbs) my shoulder started to develop some chronic pain. I suspect it has to do with mild scoliosis I have, but regardless, since getting back into training it hasn't improved again (I'm squatting more than double bodyweight again, deadlifting over 500lbs, bodyfat around 13-18%).

    The main time when it hurts is during a bench press. It starts on the lower part of the concentric phase, then hurts mostly throughout the eccentric phase. I can also elicit the pain by emulating that movement of my elbow behind my body without weight and while sitting upright. It's difficult to pinpoint where exactly the pain is, but it feels like it's coming from inside my shoulder and it's sharp. Also it bothers me during sleep. I've been using linear progression to recover my lifts, but my bench is sticking due to pain, while all my other lifts go up.

    In the past I fixed elbow issues using your pin firing protocol and fixed a lat insertion issue using another healing protocol of yours (starting high rep low weight). They all worked amazingly well. I'm wondering what protocol you would suggest for my shoulder -- if any -- and which movement to do it with?

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    "My shoulder hurts" is not a diagnosis. In the absence of a diagnosis, I can't suggest anything.


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