Recovery from Clavicle ORIF Surgery Recovery from Clavicle ORIF Surgery

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Thread: Recovery from Clavicle ORIF Surgery

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    Default Recovery from Clavicle ORIF Surgery

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    Had a nasty accident on the motorcycle and my left side ended up with three broken ribs along with the clavicle. Unfortunately, the the clavicle was broken in three with the end bits overlapping. I'm now four weeks out from surgery, and I'd like to get back under the bar as soon as possible. The ortho scheduled a followup for six weeks and indicated a rehab plan that seemed to involve a lot of silly rubber bands and isolation exercises. I've still got a fair bit of swelling and tightness around the shoulder, but I feel as though I'm ready to start some light lifting. Any recommendations on where to begin?

    Age: 38
    Weight: 171

    Last 5s
    Press: 5 @ 165
    Bench: 5 @ 255


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    Start with the empty bar and sets of 5, and go up from there as pain permits.


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