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Or maybe it's that I assumed someone who is attempting to launch a national brand of gyms aimed at attracting rank newbies who've never seen a barbell to DHFP would at least think twice before putting out a piece of easily meme-able content that might open themselves to unneeded or unwarranted criticism or accusations in the unfortunately politically volatile climate this country seems to be in.

Articulated enough?

Funny you mention articles by the way...
Really, There Is No Such Thing As Bad PR - Business Insider 2011

According to Stanford economics Professor Alan Sorensen, Negative PR is only helpful for small shops though. So, Rip will have to stop leaning on his detractors for free labor and viral marketing once SS grows to the size of a Toyota.

One reason is that, for lesser-known brands, negative perceptions fade more quickly in consumers' minds than their general awareness of the product," The Economist writes. "With established brands, on the other hand, the whiff of bad publicity lingers longer.
Can you think of a very well known politician who is the master of using negative publicity to shine the light on issues censored by corporate media? (Rhetorical question)