Video: 7 Weeks of Progress on the Novice LP Video: 7 Weeks of Progress on the Novice LP

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Thread: Video: 7 Weeks of Progress on the Novice LP

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    Happy to answer any questions about coaching Juan if anyone’s interested.

    This case study is impressive in the context of fitness programs, but is typical for a Starting Strength trainee: 75lbs to 235lbs squat in seven weeks. Juan couldn’t out wrestle a middle-schooler when he started. He can now though, and that’s fairly life changing. He’s now a much more capable person thanks to Starting Strength.

    This program is truly incredible. The problem is, we’re the only ones that know what it can actually do. Looking forward to getting more videos out like this to show how anyone can make drastic progress with Starting Strength, in only a couple of months.


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