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    I have been lifting for about 3 months and got back to my old PRs (100kg squat, 100kg deadlift, 40kg press, 60kg bench). I am 29 yrs old, 174cm (5'8.5) and weigh 70kg (154lbs) which is 22lbs higher than when I started lifting.

    In terms of strength, lower body and back feel great, upper body not so much yet. However, my concern now is my lung and heart abilities, as I feel that I lose breath easily when running and my heart rate is usually high (120+) when active (although doctors deem my blood pressure and resting hr to be healthy). My question is, what is the best routine I can follow to enhance my cardio health and endurance without compromising my progress on SS? This is given that I struggle to eat 2.5kcl daily, and my upper body lifts are one the verge of stalling (but this is probably a topic for another thread).

    Thank you!


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    Dear Rip:

    As my squat soars towards 110kg, my main concern is that my butt plug is getting tight (my boyfriend makes me wear it during the day - he's a dom, I'm a sub).

    My question is, what do I do about this ever-tightening butt plug situation?

    Thanks and cheers from Europe!

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    If only there was some website function where one could seek out commonly asked queries.


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