Litigation with ReynoldsStrong LLC: Updated Complaint Litigation with ReynoldsStrong LLC: Updated Complaint

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    Over the last two weeks, there has been a lot of discussion regarding The Aasgaard Company’s lawsuit against ReynoldsStrong, LLC and the revocation of Matt Reynolds’s SSC certification. Some has been on public forums and social media, some has been on private forums that we have only learned about second-hand. As we feared might happen, a lot of confusion about these issues has resulted from speculation or, in some cases, misrepresentations as to what the lawsuit is about and how we got here.

    Although we have wanted to remain above the fray and keep our comments about the situation to a minimum out of respect for the legal process, we also don’t want to be seen as ignoring your concerns or be seen as “hiding” something. The Aasgaard Company’s case is laid out in complete detail in a complaint filed with the court, which is in the public record. ReynoldsStrong LLC entered into a contractual agreement with The Aasgaard Company to pay a royalty of 5% of total revenue for the use of our registered trademarks. ReynoldsStrong LLC did not pay us the royalties we were owed even after several requests for payment, and is still continuing to use our trademarks after the license was terminated. As we have had several people request a copy of the full complaint, we have placed a copy here: Case 3:19-cv-01823-B, Asgaard Funding, LLC vs. ReynoldsStrong, LLC | Trademark | Intellectual Property


    Amended complaint filed 11/14/2019: Amended Complaint - Case 3:19-cv-01823-B, Asgaard Funding, LLC vs. ReynoldsStrong, LLC | Trademark | License

    To be clear, this complaint is a statement of our case, and ReynoldsStrong LLC will have an opportunity to respond to it and defend itself. But as you will see if you read it, our claims are based on specific facts that are taken directly from the agreement between the parties, communications, and ReynoldsStrong LLC’s/Barbell Logic’s own materials, website, and podcasts, including screenshots of Barbell Logic’s own YouTube videos and direct quotes from materials, correspondence, and podcasts. We encourage you to read ReynoldsStrong LLC’s response as well once it is filed. Although the lawyers will have to debate the legal significance of all this, we believe the facts that underlie this case are straightforward and indisputable.

    We also want to emphasize that the action taken by The Aasgaard Company in terminating ReynoldStrong LLC's license agreement to operate Starting Strength Online Coaching, in revoking Matt’s SSC certification, and in filing the lawsuit were only taken after very careful and lengthy consideration, and only after we made numerous attempts to settle the issues amicably and outside of court. The details of our attempts to resolve these issues are detailed in the complaint, and the written communications towards those efforts are exhibits to the complaint. We terminated Matt’s license to use our trademark SSC designation based on our view of Matt’s conduct in his business dealings with us (which are described in the complaint) and the fact that we are currently in federal litigation.

    Every aspect of this situation is very regrettable, and we consistently tried to resolve it amicably so we wouldn’t get to this point. Lawsuits are a distraction from our business of providing the best content in the strength and conditioning world and the best quality coaching and strength training gyms in the United States, all of which is made possible by an amazing and dedicated group of Starting Strength Coaches who we are proud to call our friends and colleagues. The distractions of a legal case are precisely why we have always made litigation a last resort, as was the case here. This is only the second lawsuit The Aasgaard Company has filed (or even been involved with) in its 15-year history, which is fairly unusual for a business that is entirely dependent on its intellectual property—we hope the infrequency of our resort to litigation conveys the seriousness with which we considered our possible options. Unfortunately, we only had very bad options, and we chose what we believed was the best among them.

    Although the lawsuit will undoubtedly provide some undesirable distraction, we will continue to provide the superior content, products, services, coaching, and events you have come to expect from us, and which we hope you will always expect from us. We appreciate your patience and support through this trying time.
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