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    Yo Rip,

    At the Workshop Saturday, I inquired about glycolytic work for geezers. Since time was growing short, I did not give any background to my question.

    In 2003 my wife, who is now 68, had back surgery to remove a cyst attached to her spinal cord. About 6 months later, a hysterectomy. About 8 months after that, a second back surgery to remove another cyst. During the second back surgery, the Orthopod fused S1-L5. Three major surgeries in a 14-month period - in her words, it wrecked her “core.”

    Then…In 2016…a third back surgery…to remove another cyst…and a fusion at L5-L4.

    She began SS training in late 2014, but has not been that consistent over the years. She restarted training in earnest about 2 months ago and her squat has increased from 75x5x3 to 115x5x3; her deadlift from 95x5 to 150x3x2. She's lost about 1/2 in. off her waist; but she really wants to lose more, and faster, if possible.

    She lifts 2X/week, then 20 min. cardio on an elliptical.

    Based on your response, I'm thinking that 2 additional cardio sessions per week, with a prowler, would be about right.


    Thanks; and thanks to you/Nick for a great Workshop.


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    If you mean to use the extra "cardio" to drop her bodyfat, it doesn't work. And it will interfere with her strength training.

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    roger that


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